IP POWER 9255 AC Controller over LAN Ethernet Control/Reboot/Ping

Aviosys Remote POWER Switch
Manufacturer: Aviosys

The 9255 is one of the newest IP Power product to the Aviosys product line. Built with high quality components, and a robust design, this compact device was created for small spaces that require remote power management. The built in web server allows the 9255 to easily connect to the internet and can easily be controlled to meet the needs of its users.

Specially built to support more flourescent T5 lighting, the IP Power 9255 uses high quality comonents to make sure that the device provides the safest environments for their users. Also going through Aviosys vigorous QC process the 9255 will be not only cost efficient but also reliable.

In addtion to the vast array of features like autoping, scheduler, email notification, DDNS, telnet, and HTTP commands, the features of 9255 will allow this device to easily be integrated or used to meed each individual users needs.

Compatibility with all android and IOS systems makes the IP Power 9255 a must need device for power managment. Users can now easily turn on turn off or reset their devices through a computer, a smartphone, or anywhere with Internet access.

With 5 different global plug standards available, the 9255 is easy for installation and will not require any type of a socket adapter.

Applications for this device include:

  • Remote Power Management
  • Kiosk Integration
  • Digital Signage integration
  • Power Management
  • Light (T5 Flourescent lighting) Controller
  • Scheduled Remote Power


1. Inrush Current relay design for extra protection.
2. Designed to control T5 fluorescent lighting.
3. Industrial single port Relay design network controller.
4. Accessible with popular web browsers - IE, Google Chrome, Netscape & Firefox
5. Supports up to maximum current: 8 Amp.
6. Power surge protection design to protect against high voltage power surge.
7. Designed to meet high voltage and current safety standard design and regulation.
8. Reliability and testing certification MBTF +200,000 hrs+
9. WatchDog--Auto Ping .
10. All major network protocols supported 
11.SNMP for trap – send message to manage server.
12.SDK for own software development. 
13.Smartphone and IOS supported. 
14.Embedded web server - No PC is required for it to work.

Hardware Specification

Power Cable Input:
Specification: 10AMP 18AWG 0.75 x 3C (Standard PC Power Cable)

Regular Use: Max. 8A / port
T5 fluorescent light control: 240Watt
Weight:192.6 grams without packaging.
Dimensions (L x W x H):
8.5 x 7 x 8.5 cm

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